Green Weddings

The following tips can help you plan a greener wedding day with us on K'gari (Fraser Island).

  • Keep it local. When it comes to researching suppliers for your big day – think local. Our Resort weddings team have recommended some of the best the region has to offer (link to Directory page).

  • We'll make sure our venue is the right fit for you and will be happy to turn off air-conditioning and lights when not needed.

  • Carbon off-setting. When you and your guests are booking flights – ask them to consider off-setting their carbon with the airlines or choose a company with green policies.

  • Consider using native meat on the reception menu. Meats such as Kangaroo are low in fat and, as kangaroos are a soft-hoofed animal they are less damaging to the environment; they also eat different types of grasses and require less fertiliser and chemicals – resulting in a lower carbon footprint than traditional cuts of meat.

  • Invites and thank you cards. Using the internet and telephone to invite guests to your wedding will dramatically reduce paper consumption. E-cards are also an environmentally-friendly way to thank your guests after the wedding day or set up your own wedding website – which can give your guests accommodation choices, directions and all the information they'll need to know about your big day. If you're traditional and would prefer paper invitations – consider your paper stock choice. There are plenty of chlorine-free, recycled paper options on the market that have been sourced from sustainable plantations – and why not include a recycle message on the back for those. Natural materials are a great choice for gift bags.

  • Think green with your decorations. Instead of picking cut flowers than will wilt a few days after the ceremony, consider sourcing potted flowers and plants. And if they're grown locally, you'll help you reduce your carbon footprint. One of the advantages of an outdoor wedding is the natural beauty surrounding you – lessening your need to decorate.

  • Antique rings and vintage dresses and outfits are fashionable for the socially-responsible bride.

Fraser Island Weddings

Kingfisher Bay Resort offers eco-accredited 4WD tours to explore the island’s top attractions, water sports, a day spa, ranger-guided activities, gourmet dining and comfortable relaxed accommodation, combined with your very own wedding coordinator to guide you every step of the way.
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