K'gari (Fraser Island)

There are a list of superlatives as long as the arm to describe K'gari (Fraser Island) - it is World Heritage-listed and was inscribed in 1992; has the largest concentration of pristine perched dune lakes outside of Tasmania; is the world's largest sand island and is the only place in the world where rainforest grows in sand at elevations of 200m.

But as far as endorsements go - it is spectacularly beautiful and offers a beach, bush, rainforest, lake or resort setting - and is picture perfect for couples wanting a natural wedding with or without the trimmings. And like the island's diverse landscape, the wedding options here are as endless as 75-Mile Beach - secluded beachscapes, bush and wallum settings, poolside sojourns and cool rainforest retreats provide stunning backdrops for photos and the resort can deliver good old fashioned fun.

If you let us know what you're after we can help turn Fraser's island wilderness into your dream venue where you can banquet under four-million stars, sail into the sunset or get back to basics with a beach-side ceremony.
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